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Wed 26 June 2019

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"Odd Man Out" is a British comedy television series starring John Inman. The series aired seven episodes on ITV in 1977. It was made by Thames TV and written by Vince Powell. Neville Sutcliffe (John Inman), the owner of a Blackpool fish and chip shop, inherits his father's rock factory in Littlehampton. The series revolves around his adventures, which include learning to drive a car, going to Paris, and swimming the channel.

Odd Man Out - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1977-10-27

Odd Man Out - Odd Man Out test - Netflix

The Odd-Man-Out Reaction Time test (OMO RT) is a test of reaction times that uses Arthur Jensen's testing apparatus, the Jensen box. The box is normally used for measuring choice reaction times in which the participant in the experiment is tested on their ability to recognize which of the eight lights of the Jensen box is illuminated, as quickly as possible. However, in the Odd Man Out RT test, there are three lights that are “illuminated on each trial, two that are relatively close together and one that is further apart." The individual in the experiment is responsible to identify the stimulus that is the “Odd-Man-Out” in the scenario. The Odd-Man-Out RT test correlates with “Intelligent Quotients (IQ) in the range of 0.30 to 0.60, a reliable and substantial effect.” This correlation range is typically higher than the correlations to IQ found among Reaction Time Tests.

Odd Man Out - Experiments - Netflix

In 1986, Frearson and Hans Eysenck conducted an experiment in which they assessed participants on various intelligence tests including Jensen’s Choice RT, IQ, and a “new” Odd-Man-Out RT test. In their experiment they found that the Odd- Man-Out RT test was capable of producing “measures that were reliable and correlate well with an individual’s IQ." An interesting result from the experiment was that there was no difference in the correlation between the Odd-Man-Out RT test and IQ when displays were presented in a more difficult manner. For example, a more difficult display of the Odd Man Out RT test would mean the difference in the distance between the odd man out and the two stimuli placed closer together was less notable (x000x00x being more difficult than xx0000x0). The expectation would be that the difficulty of a display would affect the correlation between Odd-Man-Out RT test and IQ. However, this was not the case. In addition, they discovered that the position of the pattern in the layout did not play a role in one’s reaction time. In another experiment done by Diascro and Brody (1994), the results showed that when the complexity of the Odd Man Out RT test was increased (by comparing more distances), the correlation between the individual’s performance on the test and their intelligence (measured by an IQ test) was higher. They also found that the reaction times were longer and that individuals made mistakes more often with this more complex version of the Odd-Man-Out RT test.

Odd Man Out - References - Netflix


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