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Thu 13 June 2019

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Comedy icon Penelope Keith stars as Jean Price, a newly elected Labour MP who finds her cherished principles severely tested in the unforgiving, often murky world of Westminster. Jean's ambition withstands the dreadful facilities and uncivilised hours that might drive a lesser woman out of the job, with the wife and mother managing to hold her own amid the swollen egos, rampant chauvinism and Machiavellian scheming of the political elite; husband Geoff provides much-needed moral support. Also featuring Ruth Rendell Mysteries star George Baker as Tory adversary Sir Godfrey Eagan and Garfield Morgan as Labour whip Norman, this cleverly scripted Thames comedy was directed by BAFTA Award winner John Howard Davies, whose high-profile credits include The Good Life, Fawlty Towers and Mr. Bean. Made by Thames Television for the ITV Network.

No Job for a Lady - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 1990-02-07

No Job for a Lady - An Unsuitable Job for a Woman - Netflix

An Unsuitable Job for a Woman is the title of a 1972 detective novel by P. D. James and of a TV series of four dramas developed from that novel. It features private detective Cordelia Gray, the protagonist of both this title and The Skull Beneath the Skin. Cordelia inherited a detective agency and from there took on her first case.

No Job for a Lady - Plot summary - Netflix

Young private detective Cordelia Gray walks into the London office she shares with former police detective Bernie Pryde to find her partner has committed suicide. Pryde has left everything, including his unlicensed handgun, to Cordelia, who keeps the failing agency open out of gratitude. When she returns to her office from the funeral service, she is visited by her first client, Elizabeth Leaming, assistant to prominent scientist Sir Ronald Callender, whose son Mark recently died in suspicious circumstances. Cordelia travels to Cambridge, where Mark had left university despite decent grades and the prospect of a considerable inheritance from his maternal grandfather. She meets Mark's friends, who are reluctant to talk and attempt to convince her that Mark's death was a suicide, as the police investigation had determined. Cordelia decides to move into the rundown cottage on the estate where Mark had taken a gardening job. As she sifts through Mark's effects, trying to get a clearer picture of his life, she becomes ever more convinced that his death could not have been suicide. Repeatedly, Mark's friends try to lead her away from the investigation but Cordelia is determined to succeed in her first solo case. Returning to the cottage one night and finding an effigy hanging from the same hook on which Mark's body had been suspended only convinces her that foul play was involved. She finds out that a certain Nanny Pilbeam, formerly nanny to Mark's mother, had attended Mark's cremation and goes to question her. The old woman tells Cordelia that she went to see Mark in his college and gave him a Book of Common Prayer that his mother had wanted him to have when he turned 21. Cordelia finds the book in the cottage and also discovers in it evidence that Sir Ronald Callender could not have been Mark's true father. Returning to the cottage the following night, someone attacks Cordelia, throws her down a well, and replaces the cover. She is saved by a combination of her own resourcefulness and the good luck that the cottage owner notices the well has been tampered with. Cordelia in turn lies in wait with Bernie's gun in order to ambush her would-be killer, who turns out to be Sir Ronald's laboratory assistant. However, he escapes in his van, only to die in a collision with a truck. Certain now of her case, Cordelia continues to Sir Ronald's house, where Miss Leaming takes her gun from her and leads her to Sir Ronald. Cordelia privately accuses him of the murder of his son, which he eventually admits, sure that nothing can be proved against him. Miss Leaming, however, who has overheard him, enters the office and shoots him with Cordelia's gun. Miss Leaming confesses to Cordelia that she was Mark's true mother but was prevented from telling him by Sir Ronald. Lady Callender had been infertile and died shortly afterwards. Sir Ronald had murdered Mark when he was close to discovering the truth, so as not to lose his wife's fortune. Cordelia sympathises with Miss Leaming and the two rearrange the crime scene to look like yet another suicide. The case, however, is referred to Chief Superintendent Adam Dalgliesh, who had originally trained Bernie Pryde and then sacked him. Pryde is avenged, as Dalgliesh comes to realise, when Bernie's training helps Cordelia to withstand questioning and outwit the police about the circumstances of Sir Ronald's death.

No Job for a Lady - References - Netflix


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