KDD - Kriminaldauerdienst - Netflix

Mon 24 June 2019

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KDD - Kriminaldauerdienst - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: German

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2007-02-02

KDD - Kriminaldauerdienst - Odeon Film - Netflix

Odeon Film is a film production company based in Munich, Germany. Since 12 April 1999 Odeon Film AG is listed at the stock exchange. It is member of the CDAX.

KDD - Kriminaldauerdienst - Still running - Netflix

Ein Fall für zwei (since 1981) Der Landarzt (since 1987, novafilm) Der Kriminalist (since 2006, Monaco Film) Der Staatsanwalt (since 2007) Die Stein (since 2008) Letzte Spur Berlin (since 2012, novafilm) Familie Undercover (since 2012)

KDD - Kriminaldauerdienst - References - Netflix


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